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When has a teacher not heard the phrase “When am I ever going to use this?” from his/her students?  Students inherently need to make the connection of what they are learning to their real lives. If they can see the… Continue Reading…

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Once again, the people at Dyknow thought I had something interesting to say about some of the things I do in my classroom (in this case – outside my classroom).  Here’s the link to the Blog post: http://www.dyknow.com/edtech/back-to-school-edtech-series-cool-tools-to-connect-with-students-part-2/ Enjoy

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As part of my HP Catalyst Project: Business Math @Conestoga, I’ve spend the last year trying out different tools to help me better connect with my students. Check out my first of a two part series blog post that I… Continue Reading…


For many teachers, spring cleaning happens in the summer while we’re “off” school. This year I decided to not only clean, but to do a purge of all those items I’ve been keeping around thinking that I might use someday…. Continue Reading…

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