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I’ve shared a number of these tools with my fellow faculty members. There’s definitely some on this list that are worth exploring. Source: 10 EdTech Tools for Encouraging Classroom Collaboration

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Great summary of the most popular & FREE online tools that make groupwork easier. Online Collaboration Tools

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Versal is a creative tool for teachers that brings learning to life for students. With this interactive course creator users can combine text, video, images, quizzes and customizable elements. It’s a versatile platform for teachers looking to engage their students… Continue Reading…

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Found this great post on choosing the right Technology for use in the classroom. https://mrrobkamrowski.wordpress.com/2015/09/28/must-knows-for-choosing-the-right-classroom-technology-tools/    

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Scannable technology is powerful in the hands of students. If you’ve checked out my new book with the ACES Framework for #ScannableTech integration you know how passionate I am about this subject. I’m very excited about Shomi Links – a… Continue Reading…

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I recently did a webinar on some of the cool EdTech tools I use with my students to help them succeed in my class. Here’s the Prezi I used in the webinar. Dynow Webinar: Cool Tools on Prezi

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Once again, the people at Dyknow thought I had something interesting to say about some of the things I do in my classroom (in this case – outside my classroom).  Here’s the link to the Blog post: http://www.dyknow.com/edtech/back-to-school-edtech-series-cool-tools-to-connect-with-students-part-2/ Enjoy

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As part of my HP Catalyst Project: Business Math @Conestoga, I’ve spend the last year trying out different tools to help me better connect with my students. Check out my first of a two part series blog post that I… Continue Reading…

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Online Help: WizIQ: www.wiziq.com Screencasting through Jing (Free) or Camtasia Studio:  www.techsmith.com Reminders? Remind101:  www.remind101.com

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Engaging Students Inside and Outside the Classroom Here’s the link to my Prezi that has all the links for the tools I talked about as well as links to the HP Catalyst Project: Business Math @Conestoga: Math is everyone’s business!… Continue Reading…

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